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Taxi’s Demerit System / Horseshoe Crab 00:59:00 2018-05-21
On Monday's Backchat, taxis. The Government is mulling over a new demerit point system for taxi drivers on 18 kinds of offences ranging from overcharging to refusing hires and might also increase the penalties to enhance deterrence. Taxi drivers meanwhile have proposed some ways to revitalize the industry, including  introducing new taxi licences with service duration limit, changing the bus-only lanes to allow usage by taxis and relaxing restrictions that stop people under 21 getting a taxi driving licence. What's your take? If there are new rules should they cover where taxis park and what drivers wear? What about not having change?  Call us with your solution - the number is 23388266 or email  After 9.20 protecting horseshoe crabs.