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Art going online & in the studio: singer-songwriter William Elvin


Art going online & in the studio: singer-songwriter William Elvin

With much of the world’s population currently quarantining itself in an attempt to reduce the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, many are finding the enforced confinement hard to take. But the arts have, in some ways, come to the rescue. Performers have placed performances online for free, you can watch theatrical productions and concerts on your own monitor or TV, and you can even wander around some of the world’s great art collections. Google Arts & Culture, for example, has teamed up with over 2,500 of the world’s museums and galleries to allow you to take virtual tours from the comfort of your own home. Here in Hong Kong too, art is going online.

Filipino singer-songwriter William Elvin began writing songs in his teens. He says he writes songs to make sense of life and its absurdities and to find ways to survive. He also writes for stage musicals. William is now based in Hong Kong where he performs with his band, William Elvin and the Circus Tour. He’s here with his new song.

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