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Artist Lo Lai-lai, Francis Alÿs @ Tai Kwun & in the studio: singer-songwriter Lili Forest


Artist Lo Lai-lai, Francis Alÿs @ Tai Kwun & in the studio: singer-songwriter Lili Forest

Natalie Lo Lai-lai describes herself as half-farmer and half-artist/journalist. Her interest in the natural world, and in food and farming, has led her to practice what is often called a “slash” career or “slash” lifestyle. After receiving a WMA Commission Grant, Lo recently presented her solo exhibition, “The Days Before The Silent Spring” at the WMA Space.

Francis Alÿs, who was trained as an architect, is one of the most influential conceptual artists of our time. Based in Mexico since 1986, Alÿs focuses on socio-political issues such as urban spaces, borders and other geopolitical concerns. His works bring together painting, performance, architecture, and social practice. His first solo exhibition at Tai Kwun Contemporary, “Wet feet __dry feet” borders and games”, features 20 documentary videos of children playing games in countries that have suffered from ongoing war and conflict. Sadly, the exhibition is currently closed due to Covid-19, but we went there earlier to bring you some highlights.

Muzki, also known as Lili Forest, is a singer-songwriter, producer and manager of an independent music label. He was previously the lead-singer of the band, “PHOON” and currently frequently plays with the band “The Island”. Last year, he released a cassette tape, “Lili Forest Demos Vol.1”.

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