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Ma Yansong, Group exhibition@3812 Gallery & in the studio: Soyoung Yoon, Woo Jiyeon & Alex Wun


Ma Yansong, Group exhibition@3812 Gallery & in the studio: Soyoung Yoon, Woo Jiyeon & Alex Wun

Joining us later on the show to welcome the Lunar New Year are two acclaimed South Korean musicians, violinist Yoon Soyoung, and cellist Woo Jiyeon. They’ll be here with local pianist Alex Wun to introduce us to their upcoming concert to celebrate the year of the Wood Dragon. First though, Chinese tradition is the foundation of Ma Yansong’s architectural design. He’s particularly interested in the residential compounds known as the “siheyuan”, usually a quadrangle of buildings enclosing a courtyard. He also believes in the philosophy of “shanshui” which emphasises the idea of achieving a balance between the natural environment, the urban landscape, and society to design and build future cities.

On show at the 3812 Gallery in Hong Kong, is “Seeking Connections”, a group exhibition by four young artists from Hong Kong and one from Macau.

To celebrate Lunar New Year, the Korean Cultural Centre is organising a concert to bring Chinese and Korean cultures together. Joining a group of young musicians from the Hong Kong Generation Next Arts are acclaimed violinist Yoon Soyoung and cellist Woo Jiyeon. They’ll be playing a variety of pieces from the classical repertoire, as well as Chinese and Korean folk songs. They’re here with pianist Alex Wun to tell us more.

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