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Le French May’s “Pablo Picasso: Paintings in Glass", Crystal Liu@Galerie du Monde & in the studio: M


Le French May’s “Pablo Picasso: Paintings in Glass", Crystal Liu@Galerie du Monde & in the studio: M

"Some enchanted evening you may see a stranger", or so Rodgers and Hammerstein wrote for the Musical "South Pacific". We can't guarantee THAT, but we can introduce you to an Enchanted Evening of Mélodies Françaises on Saturday 27th May in the company of Musica Viva. They're giving a concert as part of Le French May. Some of their members will be here to tell us more in part two. But before listening to French classical music, we’re looking at a unique French stained glass technique known as “le gemmail”, which literally translates as “enamel gem”. Until August 27th, you can see this technique used to create reinterpretations of paintings by Pablo Picasso at the University of Hong Kong's Museum and Art Gallery.

In the paintings of Chinese Canadian artist Crystal Liu, the motifs of moon, stars, mountains and rocks are metaphors for the internal landscapes of human beings.
Her solo show at Galerie du Monde, “you gave me everything” is a reflection on the complexities of life. At the beginning of the Covid pandemic, Liu's father died. She found comfort in long walks in nature. The series “our place” grew during this period, as she was creating a dream garden in which she and her father might meet again.

If you’re a music lover, there are many genres and styles to choose from in this year's Le French May Arts Fest, ranging from classical music concerts and orchestra performances to contemporary and multi-genre music with dance. The programme presented by Musica Viva, “An Enchanted Evening of Mélodies Franҫaises” features local singers, a chamber ensemble and two dancers performing a selection of French music.

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