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Beyond Prevention of Scam

Are online frauds really impossible to prevent? People have been defrauded of large sums of money by mistrusting online information, and many have fallen victim to personal fraud cases. While technology has contributed to life progress, it has also become a tool used by criminals for deceit. The popularization of the Internet has changed people's lifestyles, but it has also contributed to cybercrime. According to the latest police statistics, in the first quarter of 2023, Hong Kong's fraud cases increased by 65% compared with the same quarter in 2022. There are an increasing number of online fraud cases, and the amount of money defrauded is also growing. However, fraud is rampant. How can it be prevented before it occurs?

Hong Kong Connection

If “ Hong Kong Connection ” were a tree, how old would it be? It was on 5 March, 1978 that the documentary series first went on the air in Chinese.

As the series continues, its staff are determined to go on uncovering and delving into every local and international topic that concerns the people in Hong Kong, whether it be political, economic, educational, commercial, environmental or technological.

A tree plays an important environmental role in refreshing the air that we breathe and holding from the earth on which we stand. It is Hong Kong Connection's mission to provide the public with information and analyses as well as an opportunity for rational discussion.

The programme is aired from 29 May 2023 (Monday) on RTHK32 at 9:30pm - 10:00pm.
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