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Micro Gimbal Stabilizer Technology (Patent)


Micro Gimbal Stabilizer Technology (Patent)

In recent years, camera stabilization technology has been widely applied to consumer electronic products such as smartphones, drones, and action cameras. In Hong Kong, a startup company has developed a patented micro-gimbal stablising technology for vibration reduction, which has been adopted by many mainland Chinese enterprises. With numerous business opportunities in the mainland, the company has chosen Hong Kong as its research and development centre due to its robust intellectual property system, ensuring comprehensive protection for the company's inventions.

IP: New Opportunities (English Version)

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In line with the government's continuous commitment to develop Hong Kong as a regional intellectual property trading centre, this series, in collaboration with the Intellectual Property Department, showcases success stories of enterprises based in Hong Kong that have obtained patents, registered designs, trademarks, or acquired IP licensing. The programme highlights how they leverage Hong Kong's unique resources and advantages as a research and marketing base, and utilize Hong Kong's professional IP services, to capture business opportunities in the Greater Bay Area and internationally.
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