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Family Office

Family Offices

Family offices are companies that specialise in providing investment, financial, and succession planning services to high-net-worth families. As a major asset and wealth management centre in Asia, Hong Kong has attracted numerous family offices to set up here. To enhance our city’s status as an all-encompassing international financial hub, InvestHK not only assists with the establishment of family offices, but also aids the industry in seizing this new investment opportunity.

The enormous assets managed by family offices are diverted towards various investment projects, benefiting Hong Kong’s overall economy in the long term. InvestHK’s designated family office team actively organises a diverse range of seminars for different clients to help family offices with potential to grow further.

In this episode, we will introduce two family offices. Through a series of interviews, we will learn about the advantages of investing in Hong Kong. We will also have an in-depth dialogue with InvestHK to find out how the organisation has been supporting and assisting family offices through various channels over the years, so as to enable them to grow faster than expected. What practical assistance does InvestHK provide to its clients to help them develop so rapidly?

HK-Business Made Easy

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HK - Business Made Easy

Co-produced by RTHK and InvestHK, this series offers a captivating glimpse into the success stories of seventeen thriving businesses in Hong Kong over the course of eight half-hour episodes. 

Hong Kong’s world-class infrastructure, low and simple tax system, and multicultural talent pool, alongside InvestHK’s passionate, professional, and business-friendly assistance, have enabled these enterprises not only to flourish in the city, but also successfully expand into neighbouring Asian markets, particularly the Great Bay Area.

Hong Kong is calling for potential investors, and this programme shows how business is made easy here!

Broadcast details:
6 Jan 2024 (Sat)
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