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We are Baba

Minhas Rashad, who came to Hong Kong in the 1980s, has lived in Hong Kong for over 30 years. Fluent in Cantonese, he masters the language's colloquialisms and brings joy to neighbourhood residents with his local humour. He has four sons, aged 14 to 26. As far as raising children goes, he has his own set of theories. He thinks Hong Kong parents attach too much importance to their children's academic results. For him, nothing is more important than a happy childhood for his sons. He gives them a lot of freedom to realise their potentials. While Father’s Day is not celebrated in Pakistan, for him, every day is Father’s Day.

Shokat Nawaz, the father of our Pakistani host Omme, came to Hong Kong in 1990 and attended school in the city. For his daughter, he is an unconventional Pakistani father. He hoped his daughter Omme could learn Chinese properly in secondary school and so transferred her to a mainstream school. He also encouraged her to study hard and give back to the community in future. Omme thinks her father is very open and has a great deal of respect for him.

The two Pakistani fathers have lived in Hong Kong for many years – their children were all born and bred in Hong Kong.

Father's Day is approaching, they will share with us the stories of them and their children.

Inclusive Hong Kong (English version)

Let voices and views be heard and seen for ALL people, regardless of physical conditions and ethnicities. Our presenters, Karan Cholia, Omme Kulsoom, Vita Chan, Angel Leung, Keith Chan and Roy Shum, are physically challenged or ethnic minority. They visit people from all walks of life and show you stories of how everyone live together in Hong Kong as an inclusive society. Our guests also perform in this programme and have fun.

Let’s share our endeavours, dreams and aspirations with social perspective!
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