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CNY flower markets and fairs & Homelessness in the pandemic: MercyHK & ImpactHK


CNY flower markets and fairs & Homelessness in the pandemic: MercyHK & ImpactHK

Kung Hey Fat Choi. Hello and welcome to The Pulse.
It’s fair to say that for many, in Hong Kong as around the world, the Year of the Rat hasn’t been one of the best, so it’s not be surprising if we enter the Year of the Ox with some trepidation. Even the Lunar New Year celebrations are overshadowed by Covid-19. With social distancing rules still in place, dining out this new year is not an option, at least after six. You’d also better get home in time for family celebrations, in case your neighbourhood gets treated to a government “ambush lockdown”. And the annual tradition of visiting the new year flower markets and fairs? Not so easy this year either.

The tightening of social distancing rules including restrictions on restaurants and bars, has affected many, but most of us can at least be grateful we have food on the table and a roof over our heads. Not everyone is as fortunate. The pandemic has made the already hard lives of the homeless and of street sleepers even harder. Hygiene and social distancing are important in combatting the virus, and the difficulty of getting either leaves the homeless or those in overcrowded environments at greater risk of infection. And with unemployment increasing as Covid-19 affects the economy, the number of the homeless is increasing.

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