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Proposals to increase A&E fees / Sustainable fuel requirement for airlines


Proposals to increase A&E fees / Sustainable fuel requirement for airlines

 On Tuesday's Backchat, we're talking about proposals to increase public hospital fees.

The Health Secretary, Lo Chung-mau, recently suggested implementing higher charges for non-emergency patients visiting A and E departments to lessen pressure on services. Currently, patients are charged $180 regardless of how serious their cases are.

Under a proposed tier system, cases deemed non-urgent could be charged fees similar to those of the private sector, with health authorities hoping such a change would encourage people with mild cases to seek treatment at out-patient-clinics.

But some patients' rights advocates are concerned that such a move could deter citizens from seeking treatment.

The government has also announced that users of the Elderly Health Care Voucher Greater Bay Area Pilot Scheme will now be able to use the services of another seven medical institutions in neighbouring cities, benefiting 88,000 elderly Hongkongers living in the Guangdong region.

After 9:45, we're talking about Singapore's plans to require departing flights to use sustainable fuel by 2026. Will ticket prices increase as a result?

9:05am-9:45am: Proposals to increase A&E fees

9:05am-9:15am: Dr David Lam, Lawmaker, Medical and Health Services
9:15am-9:45am: Dicky Chow, Head of Healthcare and Social Innovation, Our Hong Kong Foundation

9:30am-9:45am: Dr Samuel Kwok, President of the Association of Private Medical Specialists Hong Kong

9:45am-10:00am: Sustainable fuel requirement for airlines

9:45am-10:00am: Steven Cheung, Founding Chairman of the Hong Kong Professional Airline Pilots Association and Chairman of Private Jet Operator Seaplane Hong Kong


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