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Episode 8 - Christopher Wong


Episode 8 - Christopher Wong

It is no secret that Christopher (Chris) WONG is a DJ singer who sings well and turns to composing. In fact, however, he worked his summer job at the classical music channel when he first joined Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK). Chris recommended himself to Raymond NG, the then Head of RTHK Radio 2, by presenting NG an audio programme tape he recorded at leisure. Since then, Chris had become a member of that channel. He received formal training by his respected teacher Blanche TANG together with other budding DJs, including Vivian CHOW and Jennifer CHAN. Chris also broadcast songs recorded by himself in radio programmes and got recommended by Raymond NG, who appreciated talents, to record companies. Chris had thus debuted officially as a singer.

Programmes such as “Wandering Love”, “World for Two” and “Fall in Love at Night” were all well-received by the audience. Chris had therefore risen to be a sought-after DJ, yet he could not always get everything he wanted. He could not help giving up his career as a DJ which was at its prime, but to say goodbye to his good partners like YU Kim-ming, Vivian CHOW and Ocean CHAN, and became a full-time singer-songwriter.

After leaving the Hong Kong music industry for years, Chris has found another way out in a foreign country and got to know himself again. He met musicians with different backgrounds overseas while he did not blindly follow the trend. So he could have even more room for his development and could be even more faithful in his own belief in music.

Host: Sandy LAMB
Guests: Christopher WONG
Producer: Anthony FONG

On Air On Broadcast Drive

During the 90 years of broadcasting in Hong Kong, many classic radio programmes have been produced, and many successful disc jockeys (DJs) have also been nurtured. With their god gifted beautiful voices, unique musical tastes and personalities, or power to manipulate music, bold and innovative spirits, they win public praise.

Sandy LAMB, who had worked as a DJ for two radio stations, is definitely one of the best.

To commemorate the 90 Years of Broadcasting in Hong Kong, Sandy returns to Broadcast Drive to host this radio programme, and reunites with a number of famous DJ guests (including Lawrence CHENG, Candy CHEA, Eric NG, Ruth CHEN, Albert AU, Christopher WONG, Michael LEUNG, Sara LEE, Ocean CHAN, Francis MAK, Eric KOT, Simon NGAI and Timothy CHENG). From entering the industry, learning, striving, creating programmes, establishing own style, amusing work anecdote, to DJ culture and vision for the broadcast industry, they will tell their own DJ stories in a happy atmosphere.
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